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The Cheer Kids App

frequently asked questions

Where can I find the app?

Where can I find the app?

Right now it is only available from iTunes.  We have plans to release it for android soon.

How much are the magazines?

They are $2.99 each, except for the Fresh Start issue which you can get for free


How does the drawing feature work?

The drawing feature is available in portrait mode.  Simply click on "start drawing" and choose your pen thickness and colour from the menus at the bottom of the screen  When you have finished your activity, click "save drawing" and your artwork will be saved in the photo gallery on your device.  Click "finish drawing" to continue reading the magazine.  Once you move to the next page, your artwork will disappear so that you can redo the activity over and over.

How do I unlock more colours?

The app comes with a set of basic colours, then for each magazine issue you buy, you get to unlock more colours unique to that particular issue.  Click the paint palette and scroll through the magazine issues to see which ones are available to you.  

How can I move around the page when in drawing mode?

Because your finger becomes a "pen" when in drawing mode, you can't expand and move like you normally would.  So we have created scroll bars.  There is a zoom at the top of your page and both a vertical and horizontal scroll at the bottom of the page.  This helps you move around without messing up your activity.  Tip: To colour in finer details, zoom in as far as you can go and use the scroll bars to move around the picture. This makes for a more precise colouring experience.

Where do I find my magazines once I've bought them?

Once you've hit the green "purchase" button iTunes will ask for your password.  Confirm your in-app purchase.  Then hit the purple "download" button to download the magazine to your device. The issue will then move to your library which you can find in the grey "read" tab in the footer. Once in the library click the blue "read" button to open the magazine and start reading.

Do I lose my magazines forever if I delete them?

No.  We understand that you may need to free up space on your device so if you choose to delete your magazines from the library section of the app, then you decide you want to read them again, the app knows you've already bought them once before and will download them again for you for free.

There is no sound on my videos

Firstly check the volume buttons on your device, then ensure the silent mode isn't on and that your sound is enabled

My activities aren't saving 

Your device will ask you to for permission to access your photo library when you first download the app.  Make sure you agree so that you can save all of your activities to your device

Can I go back to a drawing or puzzle after I turn the page?

You need to finish your activity before you move on to the next page.  You can save your activity as a photo once you are completely finished with it, but once you've turned the page it wipes the activity so you can start fresh next time.  So make sure you're happy with it before you move on. 

How can I feature in your magazine?

We're always looking for content so make sure you subscribe to us via the website here at so that you receive all our shout-out requests.  Plus you can tag us on Instagram at @cheerkidsmag and #cheerkidsmag #cheerkids #cheerkidsmagazine

What is the app compatibility? 

The Cheer Kids app requires iOS 9.0 or later.  It is compatible with iPhone 5S or later, iPad Air Wifi or later and iPod Touch Sixth Generation or later.  It is not compatible with Apple Watch.  

Got more questions or need to report a problem?

Email, contact us via Instagram @cheerkidsmag or write to us at Cheer Kids Magazine, PO Box 903, Mitchell  ACT 2911, Australia

Privacy Policy: The Cheer Kids App does not collect any information however we do use third party services such as Amazon AWS (their policy can be found here) and Syncfusion (their policy can be found here
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